Anique Museumにご来場いただきありがとうございます。

Anique Museumは「もっと多くの人に、もっと気軽に、もっと楽しい体験を提供したい」という想いのもと開始されました。

Anique Museumは様々なジャンル及び新旧作品に出合うことができ、さらにクリエイターの方々との積極的な連携を通じて、新しい文化創造の場所となっていきます。

Welcome to the Anique Museum.

Since the foundation, Anique has collaborated with leading content holders in Japan on various initiatives.

The Anique Museum was established with the goal to provide more accessible and more immersice experiences to more users globally. By eliminating the geographical constraints of physical exhibitions and leveraging the digital exhibitions, we will provide a highly immersive new experience.

At the Anique Museum, you can encounter a wide range of genres from Japan’s representative content, including anime, manga, and games, both new and old. Through active collaboration with creators, we strive to become a place for the creation of new culture.


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